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​HR System/ Welfare

Management Support Division

HR/ Accounting Management Team

HR: Develops personnel plans according to the company’s strategies, and is also responsible for recruitment, training the recruits and developing their career.

Accounting: Accounting Team manages the comany’s finance in accordance with the company's management policy, corporate accounting standards and tax laws.

General Service/ Facility Management Team
Performs overall support work and asset management within the company. It organizes in-house activities and official events to improve employee morale, manages buildings, cafeterias, machines, etc. to establish a pleasant working environment and supports employees to work efficiently.
Purchasing/ Materials Management Team

Purchasing: Proceeds with the purchase of subsidiary materials necessary for manufacturing products. In order to purchase

subsidiary materials of suitable quality at the best price, the team carries out tasks such as inventory acquisition and ordering,

Technology Business Division

and management of partnering companies

Materials: Purchases raw materials necessary for product manufacturing. Also the team inspects unit price of raw materials, shipping and etc.

Technology Business Division

Business Team

Business Team identifies the exact needs of customers for each product and delivers them to the relevant departments to produce accurate products. We also establish sales strategies by developing sales plans for each customer and analyzing sales record.

Semiconductor: TM/ PM Chamber/ Shower Head and of all Sorts

Display: Shower Head/ Chamber/ Lid and of all sorts of Parts in Display

Business Management Team
Handles a series of tasks from receiving orders for each customer to monthly closing and collection, delivery schedule management by product, and sales performance management.

Manufacturing Technology Division

Manufacturing Management Team
Mainly focuses on reducing cost through improving manufacturing process, productivity, efficiency and quality.
Manufacturing Team
In order to fulfill the quality level required by customers, the team is given to stably produce and supply products by arranging the optimal personnel and optimal equipment according to the manufacturing plan from the input of raw materials to the final shipment stage.

Quality Management Division

Quality Assurance Team
Carries out all the systematic and planned activities to build trust in the qualitative requirements requested by customers.
Upon reviewing customers’ requests, operates each system effectively and conducts necessary activities to achieve the requests.
Quality Management Team
The team Inspects, tests and verifies that the manufactured products fit to quality standards, and conducts overall activities to meet the standards. In addition, It statistically analyzes the causes and days of product quality fluctuations, and systematically manages to reduce problem.
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